Paws Music was founded in May 2011 by Darren Parker. We are a modern music news website for emerging talent. Focusing on band development for releases, social media, management, music video. Working closely with artists to create a solid fan base and sustainable business model. Through this, we have gained a firm status and reputation for our creative capability and proficiency.


Darren Parker – Website Manager
Darren founded Paws Music in May 2011. Darren has worked hard in various music related jobs for a few years, from radio plugging to being a label assistant and even flyer distributing. His passion and enthusiasm for exciting new music drove him to take Paws Music to where it is now.

Find Darren putting events on and DJing all over the gaff.

Matthew Hoare – Online Editor / Video Producer

Taking on a variety of roles, Matthew became a part of the Paws team in May 2011. Matthew had always wanted to be a part of a project like Paws Music, and so jumped at the chance to be involved. With a keen eye for design he is the brains behind the production the website.

As a child, his favourite music consisted of only two artists; Michael Jackson and Queen. Fortunately, as Matthew has grown older, his taste has expanded and become more eclectic, and his love of music has even lead him to make music videos with the company which he co-founded, FENIXX.


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