Bordeauxxx @ The 100 Club


Hey guys, you missed an absolute corker of a show from Paws Music’s favourite babes Bordeauxxx last night. The London 5 piece took to the world famous 100 Club stage and showcased tracks from recent mini-album ‘Only Fiction’. Bordeauxxx also threw in a few oldies like pop-sizzler ‘Heartstrings’ and the ever catchy ‘Mother’s Ruin’. We were also treated to a ‘brand new song’, which is actually what it’s called at the moment, the track is so new the guys haven’t even had time to decide a proper name for it yet, if I had to describe it to you, the best way of putting it would be to imagine The Beach Boys hyped up on Coca-Cola, Haribo and wearing Bart Simpson shirts, get that image in your head and you won’t be far off… But seriously, trust us, it’s great and you’ll love it.


Download Bordeauxxx, ‘Only Fiction’ here.

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