Introducing: COASTAL, ‘Silver Grey’

What I love about Coastal’s debut track ‘Silver Grey’ is that it doesn’t hold anything back, it lays the cards down on the table and then runs off with the winnings.

The formula of this song is simple, but unlike most songs this formula is done to perfection. The track starts with a shimmery guitar building the songs atmosphere as Kai’s vocal instantly engages you and doesn’t let you go. The highlight of this track for me comes down to the sheer growth of it, before you have time to adjust your volume ‘Silver Grey’ takes you from a peaceful walk in the park to a blistering sprint for the finish. The winning combination of heartfelt vocals and playing your instruments with feeling gives Coastal the definitive sound which I’m sure will shake walls of venues around the nation.

If you are a fan of The Maccabees, Tall Ships and Last Dinosaurs or if you are a fan of music in general these guys are definitely worth your time.

‘Silver Grey’ is huge shout for attention which Coastal undoubtably deserve. Just remember you heard about them here first.

Here the track below…



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