Albums we can’t wait to hear in 2013

As we draw ever closer to bidding farewell to 2012, we find ourselves headphones in hand, speakers at the ready in anxious wait for the early releases of 2013. Here are the top albums we are most looking forward to wrapping our ears around;

Fiction, ‘The Big Other’ (Moshi Moshi)

After releasing a string of successful singles the South West Londoners have finally announced a release date for their debut album ‘The Big Other’. From what we’ve heard already expect harmonies a plenty and guitar parts that are guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine. Fiction release ‘The Big Other’ on 4th March

Everything Everything, ‘Arc’ (Sony)

‘Arc’ will be the second studio release from Everything Everything and from what we’ve heard already these guys are back with a bang. 2013 is going to send EE into another dimension like their music suggests it’s from anyway. Everything Everything release ‘Arc’ on 14th January.

Foals, ‘Holy Fire’ (Warner Music UK)

Having already heard ‘Inhaler’ from Yannis and Co, it is clear to see that Foals are taking a new funkier progressive route. Could this new direction be what we have all been waiting for? We hear hints of this progressive sound in ‘Total Life Forever’, instead of barking lyrics like previous efforts the band have moved to a more soulful groovy way of delivery and it bloody works. Foals release ‘Holy Fire’ on 11th February.

Local Natives, ‘Hummingbird’ (Infectious)

As harmonies go you can’t get much more in sync than Local Natives. The LA five piece aren’t shy of an ‘oooh’ and an ‘ahhh’, the first release from their sophomore record reiterates just that. The haunting ‘Breakers’ has so many textures and over lapping layers it takes a few listens to appreciate it to it’s full.  Setting the tone for the rest of the album we eager to hear what they throw at us next. Local Natives release ‘Hummingbird’ on 28th January.

Darwin Deez, ‘Songs For Imaginative People’ (Lucky Number)

The follow on from the self-titled indie dance-floor debut is a deeper affair, as Darwin Deez is taking things a little more serious this time round. Always clever with lyrical delivery the comeback single ‘Free (The Editorial Me)’ hits you from so many angles it’s a wonder how he fits it all in. Oh…. the songs are a touch longer this time, that makes sense now. Darwin Deez releases ‘Songs For Imaginative People’ on 11th February.

Darkstar. ‘News From Nowhere’ (Warp Records)

Following up from their debut album ‘North’ is no easy task, the lo-beat dubstep heads scrapped their first album nearly leaving them homeless .This time around it seems they have had no such issues, new single ‘Timeaway’ continues where the previous effort left us… wanting more. Darkstar release ‘News From Nowhere’ on 3rd February.

Palma Violets, ‘TBC’ (Rough Trade)

The one we have all been waiting for from the Lambeth four piece.  With some serious airplay from 6Music to Radio1 and a recent appearence on Jools Holland, these guys mean business. Whats set to be the anthem of 2013, expect gritty vocals and raw guitars – believe the hype. Palma Violets release ‘TBC’ on 25th February.

(See our list of our top albums of  2012 here).


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