An update from Le Page

Hello there! Finally it’s summer time!

We’ve been quiet for a while cause we’ve been busy with some projects. But now we are back with good news :)

We are now mixing our songs for a new release that will be out by Sonic Playground really soon. We have recorded two new songs and we really hope you like them. “Ileana” is the title of the side A song and on the side B you can listen to the song named “The Break Up”. We can’t wait to release our single.

We also have a special show coming up. It is going to be a DIY festival in the countryside organised by our good friends The Callas. There are going to be live shows, dj sets, art exhibitions and art performances under the hot sun and during the starry night of June the 23rd. You can find all the info you will need here:

Last but not least, Terpsichore made her acting debut in a new independent film(directed by the talented lust team) which will be in theaters in Autumn. You can watch a small interview with some of the actors and the directors here:

If you got to this point, you just read our longest update ever! Thank you :)

Love you all, hope you’re having an amazing time swimming and partying!

Le Page


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