Hi from Paws Music and Paws Music showcase at New Slang!

Welcome to our brand spanking new site for Paws Music, you will be able to keep up to date with events, releases, videos, blogs and all the fun stuff we can put on here. We have already signed two amazing bands put on events and a highly anticipated showcase at a night owned by our good friends Banquet Records. Here is how it went down….

On Thursday 14th July, Paws Music were invited to showcase some of our talent at New Slang in Kingston. Paws Music’s very own Young Romance and Kid Champion took to the stage, as well as local favourites Karvel.

Kicking things off were Karvel who despite being on extremely early managed to get the whole of The Hippodrome’s attention with their perfectly formulated and crafted modern grunge sound.



Next up was Young Romance (ex Momeraths), who were playing their first ever show under their new name. They charmed the audience with their unique brand of indie pop, and even brought their neighbour along to play bass for them!


The night went out with a bang as Kid Champion headlined the showcase. Storming through their high energy set, they attracted quite a crowd and got the audience dancing in no time at all. The set exploded with catchy riffs, sing-a-longs and intricate breakdowns, grabbing the attention of anyone that was in earshot.


To say the least, the night was a huge success and a massive thank you to Banquet Records for putting us on the bill. Also, last but by no means least a massive thank you to all of you who made it a fantastic night!


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